Chpt. III 1.61 Rocka Jersey - Men's Outer Space, 40

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We've made no attempt to hide our appreciation for Castelli's Gabba jersey (and now the Perfetto) over the years, as it set an entirely new standard for how inclement weather kit should perform. If we had one minute complaint, it would be that while the styling worked perfectly on race day, it didn't exactly blend in during post-ride coffee shop gatherings. By pairing with a British former pro and renowned British tailor, Castelli is changing the weather-protection game with the Chpt. III Men's 1. 61 Rocka Jersey. In a sea of flashy kit, the Rocka stands out with its grey-tone colorway and tailoring that's more akin to a casual jacket than your everyday cycling kit. The Rocka utilizes the same wind-blocking and water-resistant Gore Windstopper X-Lite fabric found in the Perfetto to provide a unicorn-like blend of weather protection, warmth, and breathability that'll keep you comfortable through everything from maximal effort intervals to Sunday social noodles. A kick of moto styling lends a unique look, with a roomier profile than its race-bred brethren for a fit that's comfortable both on and off the bike. Perhaps the most notable design element is the Rocka's wraparound collar, the brainchild of tailor Timothy Everest, which provides soft protection when fastened around the front, and can be wrapped around the back of the neck and fastened in place for a pop of red color against an otherwise muted pallet.