Chpt. III 1.21 Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's

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If one's experience with cycling is limited to race venues and World Tour livefeeds, it's easy to assume that cycling is just about bright colors and loud branding. However, digging a little deeper shows a growing trend towards clean, stylish kit that garners attention more for its construction and classiness than screaming logos. In keeping with that trend, Castelli has paired with a retired British pro to bring us the Chpt. III collection and its Men's 1. 21 Short-Sleeve Jersey as new twist on the idea that louder isn't always better.Blending Castelli's famed fabrics and attention to construction details with hits of styling more often found in casual wear, this jersey features a lightweight fabric that breathes easily and sits softly against your skin. Tailored front darts lend a flattering fit and unique seaming details, while a double-button closure at the neck adds a pop of moto styling and red button stitching to complement the jersey's muted colorway, with a strategically placed chest button to hold the collar in place when you need to unzip. If you're like us, our first thought on see the collar was the flapping that could happen when unbuttoned, but Castelli is one step ahead and includes a precisely placed chest button to tame the flap when you need to unzip.